The Man Selling Billions In Real Estate

Its not exactly a secret and in fact it is a common knowledge that real estate really is a lucrative business. It pays really well and is an easy enough job considering the money that pours in your coffers. Just take it from Cris Cortazzo, Coldwell Banker\’s top agent in the world. Take a look at this video and learn a few things from the top agent himself.

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This entry was posted by admin on December 03, 2013 at 2:53am. It is filed under Real Estate.

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Comments for “The Man Selling Billions In Real Estate”

  1. roommate Said:

    My roommate also realized that real estate really is a lucrative business. She makes lots of money and we live in a really nice 3 bedroom apartment.

  2. Delorse Vaughner Said:

    That's it? Be a nice guy? I am a nice guy. hey I am a nice guy, would that make you buy worth millions of real estate from me? I do not think so. And if you were the guy and you are earning millions in commission would you divulge your secret in the internet especially the ones that really work? I do not think so.

  3. learn more Said:

    Wow absolutely crazy! The fact that he could earn 1.5 billion in revenues is incredible. Very very impressive. Great video even better agent.

  4. Karolyn Reuber Said:

    Thanks for sharing this video. Wow just imagine this guy the top agent of Coldwell Banker. I wish I work there. They are just the best.